Future wood working shop
Future Wood Working Shop
Future School of Arts Building
Future School of Arts Building
Art Work
Art Work
Future Project
Future Project

To Unite all Communities of the World


Donor & Members

Generous contributors participate in the practice of “paying it forward”, while helping others to succeed in their passion toward artistic creativity.

Teachers & Educators

Our educators will lead and inspire the next generation of wood crafters and artists from around the world.

Wood Crafters & Artists

Helping the wood crafters and artists from around the world to demonstrate the love of others through creating wonderful works of art.


Combining Old Craftsman's Skills with Modern Technologies

Wood Crafters America is a non-profit organization consisting of artists from all walks of life and ages, dedicated to preserving the old woodworking skills of master craftsmen from years past and combining them with the new “state of the art” technologies of our day where we conceive, design and then produce magnificent creations from wood.


Educational Plans

School of Arts for all Ages

Wood workers academy

Educational tours

Educational grants

All ages educational systems

A unique campus building design

Summer internships

Research lab

Design centers

International student exchange

Project consultations

Student placement center

Science of Computer Numerical Control (CNC)


Wood Crafters Gym

Future wood working shop

Wood Crafters America will also feature The Woodworkers Gym, a fully equipped woodworking shop providing you with an atmosphere to create your dream designs out of wood. Members enjoy their own personal woodworking shop, design center, library, research lab, and master craftsman collaboration as they bring their ideas to reality.

School of Arts 

(Not for Profit)

Future School of Arts Building

With the fulfillment of our goals, Wood Crafters America will feature the “not for profit School Of Arts” where students of all ages, skill sets and backgrounds are taught and trained in the art of wood design, fabrication and creation.

A school where aspiring wood sculptors, chainsaw artists, wood burning design professionals, unique furniture builders and many more art disciplines, are schooled in the woodworking trades as we develop men and women into a strong community of artistic craftsmen.


Meet Our Leadership Team

About the team

Executive Director James Girsch
James Girsch


The master plan of Wood Crafters America was conceived and designed by our current Executive Director, James Girsch in 2010 and has since grown into a strong branded name.

He has developed and included a strong leadership team who serves on our Board of Directors…

  • Joshua Ramirez
  • Michael Broomell
  • Katie Bergman
  • Dawn Zeh
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Recycled Wood Home
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Recycled Wood Art
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Log Home Building Project(1)
Log Home Building Project
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Future Wood Working Building
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(CNC) Computer Numerical Control

Wood Crafters America - Sharing our future plans

How you can help us grow?

Monetary donations of any size, large or small, contributes to the overall success of Wood Crafters America.

Please consider being a founding member in our First 1000 Member Campaign.